Mark’s Abecedarium for 2017

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A is or the amigos (that includes family) I hung out with during the year.

B is for Bry, my niece, who with freshly minted graduate degree in Urban Planning from UW decided that Seattle is her forever (for now) home.

C is for Colombia where I spent a magical ten days writing in July.

D is for Dante and Sasha who are just fine, fat as ever.

E is for the almost total solar eclipse we experienced in the Northwest this summer.

F is for fifty, the badge I earned this year.

G is for the freshly born baby giraffe I got to see at the Woodland Park Zoo when my old college friend Florence was in town.

H is for my home in the Pacific Northwest that I am always so grateful to return to.

I is for the film I Am Not Your Negro, did you see it?

J is for the Swedish  Julbord I made with my Mom and sister for Christmas Eve: Gravlax, meatballs, herring salad, lots of potatoes, rice pudding, and homemade aquavit.

K is for Kolkata (Calcutta) where I’m heading on another writing junket in February.

L is for Lisbon where I spent my 50th birthday with Dad, Kathi, and Kendra.

–Also for Lopez Island where I was lucky enough to go twice this year. Once with my mother, sister, and niece this fall.

M is for the yearlong memoir writing class I’m taking

N is for Niger, which keeps popping up in my memoir writing.

O is for Olympic Peninsula which I sort of rediscovered this year by going to Port Angeles and Cape Flattery

P is for Point B, where I am still gainfully employed.

R is for the White River where I spent some time this year.

S is for my beloved step-mother Sheryl, who died in November.

T is for Tofino, on Vancouver Island, where I traveled 10 hours to see rain and waves over Thanksgiving break.

–Also for my nephew Taylor who bought a home in Detroit this year with his girlfriend Lindsey,

U is for Ucluelot, or Ukee, another magical town on misty end of Vancouver Island.

W is for the Women’s March that I walked with my niece Bry.

V is for Victoria, the mini-series on BBC. Did you see it?

XYZ if for the hard letters that are impossible to come with anything for and I get tired of thinking about.


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