Ten things I love about Argentinians

Patagonia-2016 (685)I’d been to Argentina before and I fell in love with Argentina and Argentinians. But on this recent return trip I figured out why.

1. They pronounce the “ll” sound as “sh” instead of “y” as it is anywhere else in the Spanish speaking world. The result is soft and hypnotizing. Como te shiama?

2. They carry around their mate gourds and refill them constantly with thermoses of hot water they tuck under their arms like clutches. And we think that Northwesterners have a caffeine addiction problem.

3. They are intensely proud of their country.

4. They shamelessly love their beef. It really is better beef than anywhere else in the world.

5. Malbec is practically their national drink, after mate.

6. They distrust and don’t understand Chileans. It reminds me of how Minnesotans don’t trust Wisconsinites.

7. They love their dulce de leche and put it on almost everything, except steak.

8. They endearingly call everybody chico/a (kid).

9. They use the diminuitive “ito” at the end of everything. It’s cute. “We have cinco minutitos at this stop,” our guide said to us.

10. They call each other “che.” It wasn’t Ernesto Guevara’s first name. What’s going on, che?


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